Collaboration and Transformation in Government Technology

Your exclusive invitation to take part in shaping the industry’s future

Find your place in the centre of Government Technology’s transforming landscape. At RTM Government Technology Congresses, we offer unique and unmatched opportunities for industry leaders, decision-makers and innovators to converge together, pursuing shared solutions to the sector’s most pressing challenges and discovering the power of emerging technologies.

A Congress for State and Local Government Tech Leaders

With each RTM Government Technology Congress shaped in response to the industry-specific issues and opportunities of note, our Congresses bring together Government Technology leaders within a single strategic environment. This creates enriched opportunities for collaboration and connection, allowing attendees to discover solutions that will drive the next wave of industry revolution.

Curated and focused networking opportunities

As a Congress attendee, you’re amongst invitation-only participants within a space that’s specifically curated for relevant and applicable connections. Enjoy meeting your fellow thought leaders and industry pioneers, with every interaction offering an opportunity for learning, growth, and future collaboration.

Enhanced Attendee outcomes

RTM events are designed to deliver the most efficient and strategic outcomes for every single one of our attendees. Curated in a manner that makes the most of your time and energy investment, our forums deliver tangible and specific results that accelerate personal, professional, and organizational outcomes.

The RTM Commitment

At RTM, we’re committed to building experiences that are uniquely resonant for leaders in Government Technology. Cognizant of the commitment required to navigate this rapidly evolving sector, our Congresses provide strategic platforms where attendees receive the insights, networking opportunities, and expertise that are critical to building the next wave of sector innovations.

Our participants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into each of our Congresses, creating a mutually beneficial environment for new and existing relationships alike. Each Congress is shaped in direct response to the focal areas of highest priority within our attendees’ organizations, enabling direct application with real-world results from event participation.

Within an invitation-only model, you’ll meet leading peers whose challenges and priorities mirror your own. The result is a high-impact forum where invaluable partnerships and actionable solutions are developed, implemented, and celebrated.

At RTM K-12, your success is our own. We strive to create environments that fuel your knowledge, expand your networks, and amplify your impact in the K-12 education sector.

RTM Blueprints

Our carefully cultivated RTM Blueprints are white papers that are exclusively available to past and present RTM Government Technology attendees and qualified industry leaders.

These resources provide unique access to the latest areas of thought leadership and issues of note shaping the future of Government Technology. Enjoy year-round access and continue to expand your knowledge base.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

Key Testimonials


"Among the conferences I've attended, this one stands out as a personal favorite. What set it apart for me was its intimate scale and the limited number of vendors. I appreciated the fact that the presenters were prominent leaders in their respective fields, sharing their valuable experiences and providing insightful advice." - Danny Vera, City of Edinburg


"This has been a well organized event with quality participants." - Feroz Merchhiya, City of Glendale, AZ


"I continue to gain valuable insights to bring back to my city as it relates to government technology and info sec. Having the one/one with the vendors is what makes it unique to me - you get targeted information because the vendors do they homework on each participant. Great opportunity to grow personally and professionally." - Dr Arlene Beckles, City of Norcross


"The GovIT Congress was an excellent forum to meet CIOs and learn about the challenges and opportunities they are navigating across the country. I appreciated the intimate format and substantive conversations." - Geoffrey Urbach, City of San Antonio

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